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See The Internet In Real Time

AbleMarkets has launched a new data visualization service allowing you to “see the Internet” — understand which areas people are talking about in real time.  AbleMarkets research shows that concentration of simultaneous conversations related to a particular subject or security is highly predictive of short-term

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Grateful to have been featured by Daily #Fintech!

We are thrilled to note that AbleMarkets has been featured in Daily Fintech: Clusters in real-time For professional traders, to protect themselves from dark or speedy events like those hidden in HFT trading, flash crashes, and other algorithmic activities; AbleMarkets research that can be used

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Tracking AbleMarkets aggressive #HFT helps beat VWAP (and other execution #algos)

Improve your execution today!  Download the full research paper here and reach out to to get the ball rolling. Abstract AbleMarkets 20-minute Aggressive HFT Index tracks bursts of aggressive HFT activity in either buyer-initiated or seller-initiated trades.  When buyer-initiated trades exceed seller-initiated trades by

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Would #Hedging Aggressive #HFT Be a Great Benefit to You?

Aggressive HFT in the U.S. markets is costing you a pretty penny through depleted liquidity, resulting slippage and volatility. Protecting your long-term investments against adverse aggressive high-frequency trading (HFT) activity is now possible with AbleMarkets Aggressive HFT Index.