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Aggressive #HFT Buying #Oil #Stocks after #Trump speech

Aggressive HFTs went long on Oil stocks, such as Exxon Mobil (XOM) following President Trump’s speech.  For information on HFT, institutional or retail participation in other stocks, commodities, foreign exchange and fixed income, please sign up to AbleMarkets product! Email to learn more.

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And the #RealTime #Risk #Book is Here!

The new book by Irene Aldridge and Steve Krawciw of AbleMarkets details the critical changes in the financial markets brought on by technology and data, and how you can harness these to your benefit.  Get your copy today:

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#Trump, #Fintech and the #FiduciaryRule by @irenealdridge

  By Irene Aldridge President Trump has announced sweeping deregulation and the financial services industry rejoiced.  While I am personally a strong proponent of free, deregulated markets, one of the proposed deregulation measures may simply be outdated, even before the underlying regulatory measure is still

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@IreneAldridge of @AbleMarkets spoke at Cornell University

Abstract: Many portfolio managers underestimate the effects of intraday risk on their portfolio compositions. This presentation discusses a quantitative study of the intraday risk in portfolios of equities, commodities, and foreign exchange. The study shows that accounting for intraday risk in portfolios with monthly, quarterly