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Trump Tweeted. Markets Tanked. Who Sold?

By Irene Aldridge Yesterday, on December 4, 2018, at 10:03 AM ET, President Trump has tweeted about tariffs. Shortly thereafter, the U.S. equity markets entered a significant intraday decline that many online commentators attributed directly to the President’s tweet. While the observed market sell-off may

Retail Investors Dominate January 2018 Trading

Retail investors dominated U.S. equities trading in January 2018, pushing institutional investors and high-frequency traders to smaller proportions of volume traded, according to AbleMarkets Big Data analytics research.

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Irene Aldridge of AbleMarkets Makes Forbes’ Top 40 Over 40

Irene Aldridge: Pioneering Big Data in Capital Markets  President and Managing Director, Research,; Author Bio: Aldridge is a quantitative Big Data researcher and author as well as the President and Managing Director, Research,, an Adjunct Professor at Cornell University and the author of High-Frequency Trading: