The Introduction

Avoid or harness HFT, flash crashes and other algorithmic activity with ABLE | MARKETS

ABLE Markets has pioneered the High-Frequency Trading and Big Data Finance space since 2007, so that today you can deploy a range of reliable tools to increase portfolio returns, reduce execution costs and reduce risks by using our market microstructure intelligence. Delivered seamlessly in a streaming fashion, our world-class quantitative and high-frequency research is used by high- and low-frequency fund managers, brokers, exchanges and family offices. Our clients include billion-dollar entities in quantitative investing, portfolio management and trading. Please explore our website and contact us for more information, demos and to join our distinguished clients.

The Solutions

Portfolio Managers

Portfolio managers of all frequencies use AbleMarkets suite of ground-breaking microstructure analytics designed to 1) hedge HFT, 2) derive intel from tracking activity of other institutions, among many other applications.

Execution Traders

Execution traders benefit from our streaming microstructure tools pinpointing upcoming changes in prices, volatility and liquidity. Our analytics help you buy lower, sell higher and avoid traps of aggressive HFT.

Risk Managers and Regulators

Pre-trade, at-trade, post-trade and forensic analysis: we do it all on the microscopic scale. Use our tools to detect and forestall runaway algorithms, analyze causes of market crashes, build better collateral pricing and much more.

Research and News

Do Macro News Releases Give Advantage to a Selected Few?

If you live in Asia, you will hear this refrain about the Chinese stock market again and again: that it is the government casino. The way the casino works is through guanxi, a set of connections to the higher authority and a network of favors, if not bribes. According to locals, Guanxi permeates pretty much every aspect of the Chinese society. And the Chinese stock market, in particular, has proven to be beholden to Guanxi: those with connections and, as a result, in the know about upcoming government moves make a ton of money. The regular folks are pure gamblers, placing their money on the luck of the draw.

My latest research (More

What Are Other Investors Thinking? If You Knew, Would That Be A Great Benefit To You?

Machine-collected sentiment on specific stocks has been shown to predict intraday volatility and future returns. The AbleMarkets Internet Chatter index has consistently predicted short-term volatility over the past six years, and is used by investors, execution traders and risk management professionals.


New #research from @IreneAldridge shows wide-spread #frontrunning in #finance and #trading ahead of #news

New research from Irene Aldridge shows pervasiveness of front-running, and not in the matter of microseconds.


AbleMarkets February 2016 News Are Now Online!

Latest news on aggressive HFT participation and more.


Even ahead of Fed decision, AbleMarkets AHFT Execution Algo Delivers Results!

To watch the algo in real-time on USD/CAD, please click here.


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The Team

Steve Krawciw [kro:sew]

Steve is CEO of AbleMarkets. He brings over 20 years in strategy and business development experience in finance.

Irene Aldridge

Irene is Director of Research. She is a financial quant and author of High-Frequency Trading (Wiley).

Dale Richards

Dale is an advisory board member of AbleMarkets. Dale is a seasoned financial services and data executive.

The Benefits

24x7 Market microstructure intelligence for your portfolio needs

24/7 customer support

All products are backed by a 24/7 customer support. We sleep only when our clients do.

Continuous innovation

All products are based on the latest cutting-edge research in high-frequency trading, market microstructure and trading optimization.

Convenient graphical interfaces

Easy-to-use graphics help clients eyeball the market conditions, all the while giving a full ability to stream the data directly into the clients' systems.

Custom benefits

All products are available for most electronically-traded instruments, and are further customized to address client needs.

Reliable design and operation

The products deploy 3-D computer architecture™, providing Diversified, Distributed and Disaster-proof systems.

Client satisfaction is our priority

We listen to our customers and strive for full approval of our products.