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@AbleMarkets Launches #NLP-based #Analysis for #News

AbleMarkets has launched a Natural-Language Processing analysis of current news. The product, dubbed News AI Index, delivers both the news sentiment for individual financial instruments and keywords identified to be most critical to the markets. The keywords are split into the words likely to most positively affect the markets in the coming days and those likely to drag the markets down. The keywords help risk analysts to quickly identify the near-term factors, assist equity analysts in speeding up analyses, and help investment managers to craft better strategies.

Presently, the index is available for Russell 3000 stocks and selected ETFs. However, the index is available on demand for all financial instruments.

At present the news is processed and available for consumption daily at 3:30 PM.

Today’s key words for the U.S. markets are:


  1. “pandemic”
  2. “production after”
  3. “EU levels”
  4. “risen sentiment”
  5. “alpha-seeking”


  1. “us led”
  2. “the story”
  3. “2021”
  4. “race”
  5. “its left”

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