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Irene Aldridge of AbleMarkets Makes Forbes’ Top 40 Over 40

Irene Aldridge: Pioneering Big Data in Capital Markets 
President and Managing Director, Research,; Author

Aldridge is a quantitative Big Data researcher and author as well as the President and Managing Director, Research,, an Adjunct Professor at Cornell University and the author of High-Frequency Trading: A Practical Guide to Algorithmic Strategies and Trading Systems and Real-Time Risk: What Investors Should Know About Fintech, High-Frequency Trading and Flash Crashes. Irene Aldridge is the married mom of children ages 6 and 3. She devotes her spare time to not-for-profit initiatives in architectural preservation and beautification, including neighborhood advocacy and public gardening. She is also an accomplished gardener in her family’s country house. As a mom, Irene is keenly interested in raising the standard for the elementary and secondary Mathematics education in the United States, and devotes regular time to not-for-profit teaching of elementary school students and perfecting Math & Science project-based educational techniques.

She is a pioneer in the field of Big Data applied to Capital Markets, specifically portfolio management, trading and risk management. AbleMarkets is a groundbreaking Big Data analytics company where Aldridge continues to develop key industry tools and contribute immensely to transparency and fairness in the U.S. Capital markets. AbleMarkets has doubled each of the past three years. Her groundbreaking research is regularly published in the top peer-reviewed financial science journals.

Aldridge empowers women to take advantage of opportunities arising from the Big Data revolution. Since 2013 she has organized the Big Data Finance conference co-hosted with NYU and through affiliation with 100 Women in Finance encourages women to attend and access financial incentives to do so. She is also active in not-for-profit causes.

What’s Next:
Expand and democratize the clientele for AbleMarkets’ sophisticated computer technology and big data techniques to deliver its capabilities to all investors across the world. Baby number three arriving Fall 2017, the same time she begins her Adjunct position at Cornell University.

We use sophisticated computer technology and big data techniques to simultaneously process, analyze, summarize an synthesize millions of news, social media and market actions in real time…and we are looking to deliver this capability to stay on top of ALL the news in real time to all the investors across the world.

BE, Electrical Engineering, Cooper Union; MS, Financial Engineering, Columbia Engineering; MBA, Management, Finance, INSEAD; PhD/ABD, Industrial Engineering Operations Research, Columbia University

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