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AbleMarkets Launches a GoFundMe Campaign to Make Tracking of Aggressive #HFT Available to All

AbleMarkets has launched a campaign to fund the launch of mass-marketed aggressive HFT Index deployment accessible to all investors. To support HFT Index now, please click here.

As seen in many studies, aggressive HFT may rig the markets. AbleMarkets’ groundbreaking technology detects aggressive HFT participation. We are aiming to make this technology available to ALL investors.

A live preview of our technology is available here:

To do so, we are raising $200,000 and we need your help. Please contribute $200 to our project and ask your friends and colleagues to do the same.

Where will the money go and what will I get in return? The money raised will go toward computers and network systems that will make our service reliable and capable of serving multiple investors at once. Our data scientists are standing by, ready to give you the transparency on HFTs. We are only asking for a $200 contribution from each individual – and in return, we are offering a one full year subscription to our service, a $2,400 value. You will be able to answer many questions about aggressive HFTs in the markets on your smart phone or tablet as easy as 1-2-3.

Not only will you buy the service at a fraction of the price, you will help the broader market to see clearly what is going on.


How do you detect aggressive HFT?
We use a proprietary high-probability quantitative model that has been shown to be very successful in out-of-sample testing. (“Out-of-sample testing” is a financial quant lingo for “controlled trials” like in pharma.) The model has been developed over the past nine years by an expert team that includes Irene Aldridge, author of High-Frequency Trading (Wiley & Sons, 2nd edition).

What good is it knowing which stocks are favored by aggressive HFTs?
Research shows that some stocks are more favored than others by aggressive HFTs across all exchanges, so understanding and avoiding trading in those stocks on any exchange can drastically reduce investor exposure to aggressive HFT. In technical terms, avoiding stocks with high aggressive HFT presence is like hedging aggressive HFT exposure.

Why do we need a year’s worth of this information?
Isn’t a one-time snapshot enough? Participation of aggressive HFTs changes over time as the HFTs adjust their algorithms. The changes are slow, however, and may take days or weeks as HFTs develop, test and deploy computer program enhancements. AbleMarkets HFT Index will be at your fingertips with convenient sort tools to help you better understand how aggressive HFT participation evolves.

How is this project different from other funding projects?
Unlike many other funding projects, our system is far beyond the conceptual stage. It has been built through multiple iterations over the past eight years and is ready for use. We are raising money to make it available to many interested investors: specifically, to ensure it’s continuous availability and to avoid lack of service due to network bottlenecks and server crashes on our end. By supporting our project, you are making transparency on aggressive HFT behavior available to all investors.
Live preview of Aggressive HFT Index you will be funding