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Aldridge's Latest #Research Shows how #BigData can add 400% return over 20 years

AbleMarkets' Irene Aldridge has published her latest research proving that ...

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#Financials, #Healthcare, #Services and #Technology dominate #SocialMedia at the end of a brutal week

According to AbleMarkets, most social media conversations focused on Financials ...

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Retail Investors Dominate January 2018 Trading

Retail investors dominated U.S. equities trading in January 2018, pushing ...

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1-800Flowers ($FLWS) had the highest average proportion of aggressive #HFT in November 2017

AbleMarkets Microstructure Analytics Report for November 2017 shows average aggressive ...

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The Benefits

Benefits from AbleMarkets Products


Improve execution vs. VWAP or TWAP by 500 bps per annum on average across most electronically traded instruments.* Click here now to download the solution product sheet in PDF.

Portfolio Management

Avoid HFT and improve long-only portfolio rebalancing by 50 bps per annum on average.*

Risk Management

  • Know and avoid trading when Flash Crashes are likely.
  • Catch out of control algorithms in seconds.
  • Improve portfolio management, volatility management with real-time social media analysis

The Introduction

Crystallize your real-time risk now

ABLE Markets (est. 2014) utilizes Big Data techniques applied to market data, social media and news to help identify and manage real-time risks for investment professionals, including Execution, Portfolio Management and Risk Management. Contact us now to measure and manage your real-time risks.

The Solutions

Execution Traders

Execution traders benefit from our streaming microstructure tools pinpointing upcoming changes in prices, volatility and liquidity. Our analytics help you buy lower, sell higher and avoid traps of aggressive HFT.

Portfolio Managers

Portfolio managers of all frequencies use AbleMarkets suite of ground-breaking microstructure analytics designed to 1) hedge HFT, 2) derive intel from tracking activity of other institutions, among many other applications.

Risk Managers and Regulators

Pre-trade, at-trade, post-trade and forensic analysis: we do it all on the microscopic scale. Use our tools to detect and forestall runaway algorithms, analyze causes of market crashes, build better collateral pricing and much more.