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Would you like to follow hundreds of stocks on social media at the same time?

AbleMarkets Social Media Index tracks online conversations on thousands of financial instruments and delivers this data at your fingertips for one low monthly fee. Numerous academic research has shown that heightened social media activity predicts higher returns and higher volatility.

AbleMarkets: What are people talking about on social media NOW?

Mouse over to see individual industries that are subject of Internet chatter + index 0-100 indicating the relative attention to the industry.

0: gray, no attention; 100: green, full attention.

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What does the chart shows? This chart presents a heatmap of current social media activity aggregated by industry (a premium product shows more granular distribution of data). When the chart is green, the social media activity in that particular industry is heightened relative to the prior 5 days. When little social media activity is detected, the chart is colored red.

In addition to the diagnostic and predictive analytics above, we now offer real-time diagnostic tools: block-trading activity, abnormal trading activity and the level of Internet chatter. The tools are available for any electronically-traded financial instrument, including stocks, currencies, commodities, equity and commodity futures and even options. Please contact us today to subscribe to real-time electronic feeds and for more information: and +1 (646) 580-4949.

Data updated every minute, when available.

Separately available for most other instruments, including equities and commodity futures. Request it now!

The Benefits

Benefits of Using AbleMarkets SMQ Index

Generate Higher Profits

Make more money with enhanced execution.

Gain Marketshare

Attract new clients by outperforming competitors.

Zero time to market

Just turn on the service -- no development time required.

Save employee time

Use freed-up employee time for other tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Social Media Index generated?

The AbleMarkets Social Media Index is calculated from raw mentions of various companies from a tailored set of public Internet websites. The mentions are collected hourly.