The Introduction

ABLE|MARKETS products deliver real-time solutions for your portfolio needs

ABLE Markets is an innovative quant firm that has pioneered the High-Frequency Trading and Big Data Finance space since 2007. At our firm, we generate world-class quantitative and high-frequency research. Most of the research is transformed into for-profit data feeds for hedge funds, brokers, exchanges and family offices or indices that integrate into your systems.

Key Features

Real-time solutions for your portfolio needs

24/7 customer support

All products are backed by a 24/7 customer support. We sleep only when our clients do.

Continuous innovation

All products are based on the latest cutting-edge research in high-frequency trading, market microstructure and trading optimization.

Convenient graphical interfaces

Easy-to-use graphics help clients eyeball the market conditions, all the while giving a full ability to stream the data directly into the clients' systems.

Custom features

All products are available for most electronically-traded instruments, and are further customized to address client needs.

Reliable design and operation

The products deploy 3-D computer architecture™, providing Diversified, Distributed and Disaster-proof systems.

Client satisfaction is our priority

We listen to our customers and strive for full approval of our products.

The Demos


Real-time information about the presence of aggressive HFT in the financial instruments of your choice.


A leading indicator of market crashes, including flash crashes and other cases of downward market volatility.


Accurate 30-minute ahead market impact prediction forecasting market response to a sequence of block-order slices.